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    Marcus Lapthorn says:

    Very powerful show at Swindon last night. Well done!

  1. Saw the show at New Milton last night and thought it was absolutely brilliant. So moving, thought-provoking, honest, heartbreaking and at times funny. I’m so pleased to have had the chance to see it.

  2. Saw this last night. Very, very moving. Very funny. Allowed me to think about stuff I’d normally turn away from. See it if you can. Only the second piece of theatre I’ve ever seen that’s left me with tears in my eyes! Everyone should have exes like Chris. Great production.

  3. Saw the show last Thursday in Salford. It was amazing. Very moving, powerful stuff. At the start I thought I wouldn’t be able to stay, thinking of a friend who has MS… But I did, transfixed by it all. Thought it was a well paced, gripping piece with an important message for us all. I’m hoping that if I get close to needing to make a similar decision that the law will allow me to go peacefully at home with those I love. No plane rides or huge fees or sitting waiting for a doctor.
    Thank you so much. With love and admiration.

  4. Saw the show in Halifax, having seen it in Edinburgh. It remains as inspirational piece of theatre and we felt priviledged to be allowed to share the journey to Dignitas. Beautifully written, directed and acted, the story, highlighting these important issues in such a thoughtful, sensitive and human way, deserves a wider audience.

    Revd Dr Paul Fitzpatrick says:

    I was privaledged (as an academic)to be on the panel at Cardiff and to my surprise later found that a number of my University staff and students had attened the performance. Three days later and there is still an intense email disscussion about the show which is entirly positive. This was a powerful, real and provoking event and I am so glad that I attended. It has not only challanged me emotinally in an entirely positive way but deeply affirmed my political views. Thank you Chris

    Peter Thomas says:

    I was very fortunate to see the press night & thought it was the best piece of theatre I had seen for a long time. It must be very emotional for Chris to do it every night but he is amazing. Good luck for the rest of the run

    • I was in the audience for the matinee on Thursday, April 12th. How moving and warming and enlightening it was to be privy to what Chris Larner has to say. He put his expertise in theatre to honourable use.

      We need to hear from people with his experience to help us think clearly about and feel compasssionately for those in Alison’s predicament – and to reform the laws and bureacracy that impede a humane resolution.


  5. I am unable to go to see your play but have just heard you on Hereford & Worcester local radio. I whole-heartedly agree with everything you say. I am a member of Dignity in Dying, and only wish that Dignitas had been around when my poor father begged us all to help him to die after a severe heart attack followed by an even more severe stroke. He suffered for 11 years – too long for all of us to bear, but bear it we had to.
    Please, please, can we get the law changed, so that people do not have to die “twice”, once from their illness and once from having to go abroad to die in a foreign country instead of surrounded by ones loved ones.

    Patricia Cunningham says:

    What a beautiful tribute to a friend. I found it utterly moving, poignant, compelling and thought provoking of the highest order. A brave, emotional performance. Thank you so much for raising awarenes of the complexities of such a difficult subject, which should not be avoided.Anyone who thinks it is easy achieve their own end by this route, should be compelled to see the show, because it was also very informative. Thank you.

    Gill Powell says:

    I saw the show at mac in Birmingham and consider it one of the most memorable and stunning pieces of theatre I’ve seen in a long, long time. How Chris can go on stage and deliver it time and time again is remarkable – and must be exhausting. I’ve never seen so many audience members leave an auditorium dabbing their eyes.
    This play should be seen by everyone. As my partner said, we don’t let animals suffer in this inhumane way. The law should be changed.

  6. A standing ovation was not sufficient to express what awe I felt for Chris’s performance at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen on Friday 1st June. To hold the presence of humour, grief, pain and despair for 7o solitary minutes with such integrity was incredible . I wanted to stamp my feet, shout, sing and lie on the floor and weep. If I could, I would go and witness this performance again and again and take the whole world with me. I am now a modicum nearer understanding what depths we can go to in our loving and in our dying. Thank you. Thank you so much.

  7. Brilliantly told, absolutely honest and very moving. I will not forget this.

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